A New Cloud Account and It’s Full Speed Ahead, Right?

Originally published at: A New Cloud Account and It’s Full Speed Ahead, Right? - Skycrafters

Working within a traditional enterprise IT structure as a developer can be… challenging, to be polite. There are slowdowns and challenges everywhere you look. Whether it’s a delay getting a virtual machine spun up or the long wait in getting a network address assignment or even the hoops required to jump through the change advisory…

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Great article, @marknca.

I really like this piece the most. These are the little road features that we usually don’t pay attention to, but are there when we need them. This is a perfect comparison to stuff like API call auditing being active or billing alerts. Sure, we hope that there won’t be an event that we need to investigate or that a deployment cost won’t get out of control, but it’s for sure nice to have these in place in case we ever need them.

Why is it this reminds me of those bumper rails that they use for kids in bowling alleys? :grinning:

This sentence could be a topic all on it’s own. It’s making an assumption that your organization is laid out in such a way that there is a centralized security account. I think this is an exception and not the rule. Probably because a lot of companies started wading into the cloud pool before this was a standard or recommended practice. Now they are dealing with how to retro fit this into their existing environment. Or even worse yet, how do they make this work when they are dealing with hybrid cloud or multi-cloud? Born in the cloud companies have it easier but the legacy dinosaurs are still trying to figure out how to bridge this gap.

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Wait… are those just for kids? :sweat_smile:

Great question! I know that AWS facilitated the setup process so organizations can leverage Control Tower even with existing accounts, but I really wonder how an organization that opted for the multi-cloud route (which is most of them) can easily monitor security and operations from a centralized spot.

@marykay25, have you checked Adding Guardrails To A Cloud Account After The Fact?