AWS Re:Inforce Watch Party! ๐ŸŽ‰

You can find the live stream feed here.

Hey Skycrafters!

AWS Re:inforce is a yearly event held by AWS to talk about all things cloud security. This year, just like most events, the in person event was scrapped. Whatโ€™s a loss to some, is a big win for most: the event went free and online! It will take place Tuesday, August 24th, and you can find more info about it, and sign up for the event, here:

And since the best part of any event is the peers that you are exchange ideas with your peers in between sessions, we had this great idea of having a watch party :tada: right here! If you get the chance to watch any session over the event day, please share your thoughts and discuss the new releases right here on this topic!

See you then!


Is there anyone else watching the event live? o/

Whoโ€™s currently using GuardDuty? What is your experience with it?

I love this quote from Paulo Coelho:

Wow, I wasnโ€™t aware that AWS acquired Wickr. I canโ€™t wait to see their plans for it.

โ€œnext slide pleaseโ€.

If even Stephen Schmidt has to say it multiple times, I guess we are ok trying to make our freaking type-c to VGA work with the old projector in the room.

By the way, you can catch up the livestream here: