DevOps and SRE. How different are they?

Hello Skycrafters,

I’ve been trying to understand the differences between DevOps and SRE a little bit better, so I’m really curious about this topic. I even recently re-watched a few videos, like the one below from Google:

I really like how Liz and Seth built the “SRE class implements DevOps” approach, but even then, it can get confusing. It gets even more confusing when I go around checking for SRE and DevOps job openings and they pretty much look the same. How do you differentiate the two? Is there a differentiation between them in your organization?

Personally, I feel like DevOps is more like a “way of thinking”, while SRE is a “discipline”, but I’m curious about your thoughts.

By the way, for those new to the SRE term, it means Site Reliability Engineer, and it was coined by Google. You can find more info about it here, including free e-books versions of paid physical books here.