Have you experienced burnout, and how did you fix it?

Hey, Everyone!

I am eager to pick the brains of the Skycrafters community!

Many years ago I had what I would consider to be a “burn out experience”. I was tired, cranky, and experienced a lot of stress.

I wasn’t entirely sure why I was feeling this way - I had a great job, fantastic family, and more - but I was struggling a little, and it kinda freaked me out.

Later I learned this was burnout and that it is very common.

My solution was to get away. I took a trip over to Ireland to go and visit a friend, and when I came back I felt much more refreshed and energized.

So, a question have you experienced burnout, and if you have, what have you found helps to relieve it?

Diet changes?

I would love this topic to be a big collection of recommendations, tools, and resources people who are struggling with burnout can use.

Recommendations of books, links to YouTube videos, podcasts, apps and more would be greatly appreciated!


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I very much have experienced, and continue to experience, burnout. I’m a burn the candle at both ends kind of girl, so I often find myself going through periods of burnout. I’m bad at vacations, so usually they aren’t quite enough to break through the burnout cycle.

What I’ve found that’s helpful is meditation. Taking time every morning to be mindful and get centered for the day has been really helpful. Do I do it every morning? No – sometime I’m too forgetful.

I’ve also found finding something outside of work that is peaceful has been helpful. For me that thing is music. I’m part of the community band in my town and having that rehearsal time every week (now that rehearsals have resumed) is incredibly healing to my burnout.