How familiar with Google Cloud are you?

I can say that I’m not much familiar with it. So I started to do some research on how I can learn more about Google Cloud coming from a AWS-centric background and I found Google will do an event on Google Cloud for AWS and Azure professionals.

If you find it helpful, you can find more info about it here. Which reminds me to mention that we have a Calendar page where members can contribute relevant events to.

Are you attending the Google event? Are you planning to attend any other event hat would be relevant to Skycrafters members?


All clouds are definitely not created equally…that goes for the services stack as well as how the cloud providers do business with their customers and ISVs. We help ISVs navigate this maze to get their offerings in the cloud marketplaces and also around co-sell motions and customer buying behavior. If you are going multi-cloud, its critical to understand the nuances.

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I used Google Cloud for a personal test project a while ago and was actually really pleased with its ease of use. Of the big 3, it was definitely the best user experience I had. Professionally my experience with it is limited, but I do prefer to use it for personal testing/projects when I can.

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Great idea, @bnwoods! My next personal project will be 100% Google Cloud so I can finally get my hands dirty with it. Any recommendation for an AWS-centric builder?

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I have “some” experience, a few months ago I had to build a CI/CD pipeline that uses GCP container registry and some other GCP tools, then I realize how I was used to “AWS” way of doing things and how GCP was surprisingly easy in some way and also fun to build a pipeline like this, I am looking for to use more GCP as well, the very small experience that I had was pretty good.

Now I’m paying even more attention to @raphabot GitHub to see what is coming up with this project :eyes:


I had to set it up for our team to use and so mostly dealt with their IAM so far which is highly different. I can spell GCP does that count? :grin:


The link for the now on demand session is available here.

Google Cloud is offering free access to their cloud training environment for a month. You can sign up here.

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Google Cloud is offering free access to their cloud training environment for a month. You can sign up here.

I’m signing up now :slight_smile: