How has your self-growth impacted your professional growth?

We all strive to be better versions of ourselves in all areas of our life. At times, our personal and professional lives intertwine and impact one another, either negatively or positively. What I’d love to hear – and I’m sure others will as well – is what areas have you actively tried to grow in outside of work and how did that growth reflect and show up in your work life?

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What a good but tough topic! I have found a correlation between my personal growth and my growth professionally. Previously you have mentioned Brene Brown and vulnerability. This has been a big part of my growth. As I have grown personally I have learned to be ok with being vulnerable such as I don’t know everything, I have feelings and emotions, and I am an imperfect person who makes mistakes. This has translated to work as well. Allowing myself to not be perfect, make those mistakes, and in general be vulnerable has helped me to be more confident. I can easily ask questions and look “stupid” at work because I want to learn and know about topics even if it hurts my pride to ask the question. I have noticed that the more open I have been with these things at work the better it has been for my career as well. There are a lot of people who seem to relate and feel the same way.


Oh wow. I could go on forever on this topic. The short version is military and kids. Before either of those things happened, I had no discipline, and no drive other than to selfishly take care of myself. Now that I am even older and have more or less raised all of my kids (six of them, btw), I have gradually moved more and more of my attention and personal ownership to aligning with and understanding my company’s goals, and in taking pride in being part of its success.