How to implement a DevOps culture 🤔

Fresh off DevOpsDays Minneapolis this seems like an appropriate topic. By the way, hello to all our new members who signed up from that event :wave:

You can introduce yourselves to our new members here, I’m sure they’re excited to e-meet you!

This was my first time ever attending a DevOpsDays or any DevOps focused event in general. I learned a lot and was able to realize how hard it is to implement and maintain a DevOps culture.

Heidi Waterhouse left us with this great quote on DevOps during her speech at the event: “DevOps is and always has been about people.”

Often, you see orgs misusing DevOps and labeling it as a job position or something when it’s actually a culture.

This quote, and the event in general, got me thinking on how to make DevOps be known more for what it really is, and what truly goes into changing your orgs culture into one that is DevOps focused.

I would love to hear the community’s opinions on what it takes to get that done!


Yes!!! :clap: :100: I’ve seen so many “DevOps Engineer” positions. If only certain people are “doing DevOps”, then you haven’t made a culture shift at all and things won’t really change.