Introduce yourself

Hello Skycrafters!

My name is Raphael Bottino and I’m the one responsible for making sure you make the most out of this space. When not around here, I’m either writing some code (in NodeJS, by the way) or cooking. I feel confident about building in AWS but I would be lost at first if tasked with building in Google Cloud. A fun fact about me is that I already lived in 3 different countries!

What about you? What’s your current role? What are you up to in your free time? What’s your strongest and weakest Cloud provider? Any fun/weird fact that you want to share?


Hi fellow Cloudbuilders,

My name is Albert. I am participating in this community as I both want to contribute and learn about building cloud and building and developing career in the cloud space. I have a strong technical background in networking and virtualisation but like most people have transitioned to technologies that are more agile and flexible. Love the stuff you can do with automation and API’s.

Last couple of years I was managing skilled technical teams in the infrastructure and cloud area. I have an extensive experience in global companies and have seen many, many complex environments. Trying to solve the why is more important than the how.

My focus is on helping other people in building or growing their career in the cloud and DevOps space. I feel I can learn a lot of engaging with others here but also can help with advise and guidance. Both technical as career-wise.

What about you?



I am Jono Bacon and I help companies build communities. I have written six books, most recently People Powered, and consult with a broad range of companies. I am sadly not related to Kevin :bacon:.

I am excited to see what the community is interested in here. The Trend team are super-passionate about building a community the right way and ensuring the community have genuine influence.


Welcome, @AppieK! I can’t wait to see your contributions to the community, especially on career growth.

Welcome, @jonobacon!

Now I feel like all the time I invested in our relationship was wasted time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My turn!

Andre Alves, a recently-made Cloud Security person coming from a background in Datacenter Security. I bought in the “cloud” hype mainly aiming at career development, but then found a deep respect for people who build and all the architectural design principles that have real repercussions in the real world - something I must confess I was very much oblivious to when thinking only about how to secure stuff.

Looking to share how this transformation is taking place on my own career and, of course, learn from other likely-minded peers!


Hello fellow crafters!

Xabi Errrotabehere, I’m not expecting you to remember my last name, and my first name is pronounced shabby, as in shabby chic, easy right?
In case you’re wondering, my name is Basque, and yes, although I’ve been living in various parts of the world most of my life, I’m Basque from the French side of the Basque Country.

I’ve always been into technology, development, and geeking around. I’ve worked in private and public sectors, small and large companies, and co-founded Cloud Conformity, a successful cloud security posture management tool. I like engineering, solving problems building stuff, I like to build them efficiently, securely, and elegantly.

My favorite programming language is JavaScript, I’ve used quite a few of them through the years (and through the fashion) and this one always stuck with me because of its versatility, and to be honest, because that’s the one I know best

Here is a fun and weird game, which one of these statements ar false?

  • I have 5 AWS Certifications
  • I’ve recorded an album
  • I’ve ridden a bicycle for 1000 km in a week
  • I speak 4 languages
    If you get it right, you’ll win my dearest appreciation.

Anyways, I’m excited to be part of this community and can’t wait to see us learn and grow together!


You speak 4 languages. @xabi


@marykay25 wrong answer :slight_smile:

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Sorry I should have said I know that you speak 4 languages. I checked your LinkedIn. :smile:


@marykay25 got it, in that case, we can cross that one out as being true


I really hope “I’ve recorded an album” is true so we have you play it to us :slight_smile:


@raphabot this one is true, and you will have to do some googling to hear it :wink:

  • I have 5 AWS Certifications
  • I’ve recorded an album
  • I’ve ridden a bicycle for 1000 km in a week
  • I speak 4 languages

Given the evidence, I’m going to say that you don’t have 5 AWS certs. Research shows you “Went to Santiago de Compostella by bike from Basque Country in one week (1000+ km)”. @xabi


@marykay25 very well done! :clap: :clap:
You have won my dearest appreciation! :partying_face:

Note to self: do some cleanup on Google


Hello Everyone!

My name is Brittany Woods and I am a Lead Cloud Automation Engineer. My primary areas of expertise and experience are around configuration management, cloud migrations in the azure and AWS space, to use a buzzword – DevOps transformation, and infrastructure as code (ie. Terraform and the like).

As of late I have taken an interest in helping make tech spaces more assessible for women and other under-represented groups. I hope to be able to lower barriers to entry, be an advocate for gatekeeper free zones, and empower other women and minorities to add their very important voices to our industry. I also very much enjoy knowledge sharing.

A fun fact about me is that I am passionate about music and play the clarinet in my local community band. I’m learning the bass guitar and can also play the saxophone (the baritone saxophone is my favorite).

Looking forward to interacting on this platform!


Welcome, @bnwoodsm, and thanks for sharing more about yourself. I’m sure your knowledge and passion are going to be invaluable for the community!


Hello all. I am Jim Shilts, Founder and Head of Community at North American DevOps Group ( I am very excited to be part of this new community. The team at Trend have been excellent partners and supporters of our community for a few years now. If any of you are ever in Los Angeles, give me a shout. I am almost always up for coffee or drinks with good people.


Hello everyone! I’m Tabitha Doyle, but I often go by Tab or Tabs for short. I have recently started my journey in the IT world. I have been working for a year in cloud security. Most recently I have been focusing on cloud best practices.

I am working towards certifications in all three of the big cloud providers GCP, AWS, and Azure. I have my solutions architect for AWS and am working towards GCP now. If anyone wants to learn GCP with me I will be holding a study group with some other members, don’t worry I have a seasoned GCP professional on my team!

When I am not completely obsessed with learning the best way to use a product, I am obsessively hanging out with my dog Tater Tot. We love to go swimming and running together. He is still working on getting his Instagram account going. Since his isn’t ready you can reach out to me if you want.

Twitter: @HackingTaterTot


Hello Everyone,

My name is Felipe Costa and I am a Cloud Security guy, and just like some people here I came from Datacenter/Network Security background. I have always been passionate about security, which I worked the last 10 years of my life, but most recently I found 2 more passions:
Coding and Open-Source :heart:

I’m currently trying to learn how to code (NodeJS, thanks to the influence of my friend @raphabot ) and trying to engage more in the open-source community like Skycrafters and many others on GitHub.

I’m excited to join this community to share a little from my experience and learn a lot from all of you :heart_eyes:

You can find me on Twitter and GitHub → felipecosta09


Hey All! I’m João (but you can call me John to make things simpler)! My background is mostly academic as I’ve only been engaging with IT professionally since 2018. These years I’ve been fiddling mostly with AWS, docker containers, cybersecurity and DevOps in general.

I love working on coding projects as well Which you can check out here and every so often I write about them and other stuff on my github pages here

Thanks a lot for the invite