Introduce yourself

Welcome, @Danny_B! We are excited to have you onboard!

Javascript? Cooking? Traveling? I think we have WAY more to chat about than just cloud, @Danny_B.


Hello friends! I heard about this space from Brittany Woods on the Page It to the Limit podcast.

I’m Joshua Timberman and I’m currently the Head of Advocacy and Community at Allma, where I’m focused on building a kind and inclusive community. I’ve worked in the system administration/DevOps/SRE world for 22 years, and I love communities and helping people automate themselves into a better job.

My favorite programming language is Ruby (largely due to working at Chef for 12 years :wink: ), and my favorite pass time is Magic The Gathering (I play Commander). I live with my family in sunny Colorado and can be found in most places on the internet as jtimberman.


Hey Skycrafters! I’m very excited to have discovered this community.

I’m Jeff Kaleth and I’m currently an infrastructure engineer at Ulta Beauty, where I support a hybrid Redhat Enterprise Linux and Windows cloud environment running on Azure. I’ve got over 20 years experience in the tech space and have recently obtained my AWS Associate Architect cert. I’m pumped to find a group where we can express our ideas, collaborate, and help each other grow as engineers.

I’m not a dedicated programmer but my favorite programming language is yaml, since I love to automate using Ansible.

My focus is finding creative ways to learn about cloud technology and use it to make our lives as engineers and developers more efficient and fun!

In my free time I enjoy creating content, landscape photography, music production, and travel! Fun fact- I am a guitarist in a rock band, have played over 100 shows, and have recorded multiple records.


Welcome Jeff! Glad to have you here. Will be nice to have another seasoned IT person in the community :slight_smile:

Hi Skycrafters!

My name is Doug Woolley and I had the privilege of meeting Raphael Bottino via a 15-minute video call after I had read an article he wrote on “6 Easy Steps to Redirect from Subdomains to URLs using Amazon’s Route 53 and S3,” appearing on the Skycrafters site.

A few years ago I had created a static website in AWS S3, and about 2 years ago I had made it into a secure HTTP site, using ACM. Now I wanted to create a secure subdomain to this website for which I can eventually deploy a ReactJS app (to solve puzzles like the Rubik’s Cube and Sudoku), for which I still need to develop (in React JS). After attempting to create the secure subdomain and add the necessary components to AWS S3, ACM, CloudFront, and Route53, I encountered an issue in that the user-friendly url’s of the subdomain would not display the content. Thus, I spent several days researching possible reasons why this was not working, and viewed many videos and read many articles, including Raphael’s. Eventually, I discovered the missing piece that enabled my subdomain site to work! I look forward to the next step in my fun project.

Professionally, I work as a software engineer for one of the largest banks in the world, programming in Java, after having worked for Verizon for two decades and attaining 3 AWS Associate certifications. In my free time, I enjoy competing in international computer programming competitions via Top Coder and Code Forces. I also enjoy running (albeit slowly) with my large poodle.


Hey there!

My name is Ethan Parent, and I’m still in the early stage of my tech career. My passion is for learning new tech and creating content that helps others learn as well. I like to think of myself as a human sponge and a jack-of-all-tech-trades :slight_smile:

In my free time, I love jamming out. I’m a good singer and a mediocre guitar player, and once upon a time, I played drums for a garage band. Similar to @jtimberman , I also play Magic: The Gathering.

And despite my last name, I am not a father (unless being a dog dad counts!).

It’s great to be here, and I hope to learn a ton from all of you.


Welcome to the crew @eparent :beers:

Happy to have you here!


Hello Everyone,

My name is Ramtin- I’m very excited to have found this community!

My developer journey has fostered a love for Javascript and all things front-end, however I have always jumped at the opportunity to learn anything new and interesting. Recently, I have lead development for an NFT marketplace built on the Ethereum VM. I have also found a burning desire to understand what this “cloud” business is all about. This has lead me to a handful of open-source projects, including Skycrafters and their product “Responder.”

Currently, I live in Southern California with my roommates who are always up to something creative. The last couple weeks have been filled with interviews and prep as I’ve entered the job search. On my free time, I perform and record music, work on projects that’s have been rattling in my brain and garden when I’m trying to wind down.

I look forward to seeing this community grow- feel free to reach out whenever!



Welcome to Skycrafters @rahmteen and thank you for being our first open-source contributor!


Welcome, everyone!!

@rahmteen, tell us what NFT marketplace, I’d love to take a look :sunglasses:

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Hi folks! I’ve been around here since the inception of Skycrafters helping shape this fine community behind the scenes but it just occurred to me that I never officially introduced myself.

I’ve spent almost ten years crafting content and experiences to support and celebrate the people who are working through DevOps and digital transformations, or building their skills and expertise in the cloud. Some of you may know me from as far back as my days at Chef Software working with their open-source community. I helped launch the FinOps Foundation for people who want their teams to be better at cloud cost management. And I’ve been working with companies who focus on cloud security too. My expertise isn’t necessarily technical, but I am AWS Cloud Practitioner Certified and I have a passion for shining a spotlight on individuals who are doing cool things in cloud.

If you’re looking for your next career move, want help building your professional profile, or need recommendations for a mentor, I have a really cool network of connections and friends that I’d love to connect you to. How can I help you?


Hi all -

I’m Laura - fairly new to all things Cloud, and currently very interested in learning more about Kubernetes & AWS in preparation for the job search.

When I’m not working, I’m outdoors! I also really enjoy designing and creating practical, space-saving furniture :hammer:


Welcome, @laurabotel!

I’m sure you are going to find what you are looking for in this amazing community, including really good discussions around both AWS and Kubernetes. And, if you ever need help, make sure to create a new post!

I’d assume a key resource for creating furniture is wood. I’m curious how you’d compare the craft of woodworking and cloud build!


I love cloud and learning everything I can about kubernetes, containers, docker, etc. Super excited to start working on some open source projects!



Hey @daveA!
Welcome to skycrafters! Yes, open source is awesome!
Keep us posted on the projects you are working on! :+1:

Welcome, @daveA!

I think you’d love to check Responder out. Also, since the project is part of Hacktober Fest, you can get a neat t-shirt out of contributing to it this month. @xabi even said he will give extra swag out:

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Hey Everyone,

I’ve been in IT for awhile - working with network, security and now cloud security technologies.
Started working with APIs a few years ago as part of the big Automation push with Cisco products - really glad I did so, I know python because of it.

I’m in a constant journey to learn more about Cloud and Security, and I try to share what I learn as much as possible.

Currently studying for an AWS cert… Hoping I can learn a bit here.
medium: @andrecamillo
twitter: @iamcamillo



Welcome, @camillo!

I hope you can find what you are lookin for in Skycrafters.

@amiller did a series of posts about his journey on getting his first AWS certification. You can check the first one here:

Good luck and let us know if there is anything the community can do to help you achieve your goals!

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Hi @camillo, welcome to the community! Happy to share any resources I used to prepare for my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner studying. Taking the actual exam pretty soon here. Good luck on your journey!


Cheers @raphabot!

And, thank you @amiller, will get in touch! :grinning: