Is online training a good option?

I know that hands-on, production experience trumps all. But, when that’s not possible, how do you feel about training? More specifically, I’ve done in-person training before, but I’m interested in learning about your experience with online training since it looks like in-person won’t be an option for the foreseeable future.

Please share your thoughts below!

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I’ve taken a bunch of courses online and it’s usually worked well for me. The best part was being able to watch at 2x or 0.5x speed depending on the material and how familiar I was with it, and having captioned video (though for the majority of courses I’ve taken they were auto-captioned so … not great).

If I’d had to sit through a course in person it would not have gone very well. :joy:

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Timely question. So I decided to resume a class on Udemy that I started a few months ago this morning. Been trying to go through it but to be honest, I find my mind wanders, I check email periodically, slack, Teams, whatever. If I was in person in front of an instructor, I wouldn’t do that. Granted the content isn’t gripping but I need it for a cert I am pursuing. I’m not sure how all these kids have made it through the pandemic with online learning.

BTW, this also worries me because next week I’m teaching an online class! I hope it’s easier to pay attention with a live instructor vs a video.


Having done my Bachelors in Operations Management completely online the one thing about doing course work online is the loneliness of not having someone to discuss the coursework with on a daily basis.

I am alright when it comes to paying attention to the videos and doing the coursework and quizzes on Coursera and linkedIn, though I find Udemy instructors to be a bit over the top when teaching a subject.


So many great points! I easily get distrac… sorry, I was checking my phone. As I was saying, I easily get distracted, so I am a little bit worried about taking online classes. I guess, however, if I set a hard timeline (like scheduling a certification exam at a certain day), it would help me focus in the learning more.

But yeah, I don’t think I would be able to physically stay in a REALLY boring class anymore (I’m looking at you, some of my professors back at college!)

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I’m new to the group and I really like many topics shared on this forum. Regarding online training, I think with today’s access to technology, there are just too many materials out there for anyone who is eager to learn. However, to be efficient, you need to be more specific on the skill you need to sharpen for your career. As an AWS Developer Certified, I had chance to use some of interesting AWS services on production. But there are several tools from AWS that I did learn during my prep exam but I never got a chance to fully use on production. For me, that’s when the online experience becomes crucial. Instead of waiting to get caught off guard by a great opportunity requiring AWS tools that I never used on production, I use online training to sharpen my knowledge on those tools so that I can just be ready when need it. In conclusion, I would say online training is vital to me on that perspective.