Is there a place in this community for non technical people like me?

I am a product manager and up until a year ago I was a user researcher. I don’t have a technical background but have been working in tech for years and currently work on a Cloud SaaS product.

What do you technical people think I can get out of this community? I am sure there is a place for me but I am curious what you think. :slight_smile:


I’m glad you asked!

Skycrafters is for all cloud practitioners. From the most technical one all the way to those that touch Cloud in non-technical ways. Take a look at @marykay25’s post: Certifications? - #4 by glb

She’s discussing with the community if, as a manager, she should care about Certifications at all when hiring. Or this discussion (also started by her) about if the cloud’s future is Microsoft’s to lose.

I really hope there will be a lot for non-technical people to learn about the cloud here over time, but also that this place can be a safe place for you, or any non-technical person, to make questions and start non-technical discussions around the cloud space.

Does that help, @the_ness_monster ?

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@the_ness_monster There’s absolutely a place here for people who don’t identify as “technical people”!

I’m hoping that Skycrafters will be a vibrant community with folks from all sorts of backgrounds.

Rather than saying that there’s some binary “technical” vs “non-technical” label that we can apply to people, can we accept that everyone’s somewhere on the technical spectrum and meet them where they’re at?

I’m hopeful that some of the more established cloud practitioners will be open to sharing their thoughts and experience with the rest of us, and I’m also hopeful that the people who are less established do the same! It can be really instructive to hear a new perspective from someone with a different background.

To turn your question around a bit and invite you to contribute your thoughts as a valued community member: you identify as a user researcher turned product manager. What has your experience been like seeing the changes in how people approach opportunities? Do you find that the cloud has made it easier for the teams you work with to deliver value to customers, or have there been challenges that the teams may not have expected? I’d love to read a post with your perspective!


I’m late to this party, but YES YES YES!

I tend to agree with @glb on this where they said:

I think we all have an interest in the cloud and an interest in the future of the technical landscape. Being on the product side, you have a significant role in that process. I’m hoping that as this community grows we can all get exposure to emerging trends, new ideas, best practices, etc and whether technical or non technical we can take that knowledge and translate it into things that either A) make our companies better, or B) make our own knowledge better/stronger.


@the_ness_monster I for sure think it can’t just be all technical people. We all have different roles to play and everyone can learn. If you take out the non-technical people then you tend to have a more biased viewpoint. It is like only having the outer edges of the puzzle and none of the inside.

@glb says it great here in his post.

I am the less established end of this technical spectrum. I think it will be a great place for all of us on the lighter end of the technically established spectrum to learn from those who are super technical. Besides who else would they be talking to if they didn’t have us to share tips with :wink:


I think this is such a great question, and I think we should explicitly set out to ensure the community is welcome to all levels of technical experience.

It could be interesting to put together a Zoom call and discuss this with community members and see what ideas everyone has. What do you think, folks?

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I vote to the management team to establish a badge of the “less tech practitioner.” :slight_smile: I think we have bunches of impressive non-technical guys ready to share their experience and learn from the tech experts as well.

Gentle reminder @sallesivan: lots of folks aren’t “guys” … we’d love to have an inclusive community here, so please consider using gender-neutral terms in your posts!


:100: agree with you @tabs! I’m looking forward to learning from everyone here, whatever their background and current role!

Totally agree with you @bnwoods ! I’m hoping that the different perspectives that folks bring to the table will be a great source of discussion!

I totally agree, @glb. But, please, consider that it was an unconscious failure. English is not my first language, and sometimes I can make mistakes like that. Anyway, from now on, I will be very careful about it. Thank you for helping to spread diversity everywhere!


Thanks @sallesivan! Totally understand that it’s a change in the language from what people may have learned in the past, and I appreciate your effort!


Oh so look at this non technical person starting off a hot topic. :joy: : I should admit that I took an online Nerd test once and scored 19% so there is that. :smile:

I love and appreciate all of the responses to my question and now I will tell you how I will use this community. Although I am not very technical I like to keep my finger on the pulse of technology at a high(ish) level so to that end I peruse various sites when I can. Often I only want the elevator pitch (my joke is that I say 3rd floor but I am willing to go to 8th at times :smiley: ) about topics so for me it would be great if we had an area in the community like that: Elevator pitches on the current trends and developments.

And for my part I will make comments and ask questions but also post content that I think might be of interest to the community here even if it is more from my perspective since I am a strong believer in the benefit of seeing different perspectives.


@the_ness_monster I am glad you bring up a topic like this and I love the responses from the community. As a person who considers themselves not very technical, I agree that all different perspectives of expertise are valuable (if you’ve heard of “Shoshin” or “beginner’s mind” you can relate) but also that in a community like this we have great people to help us along our cloud journey.


@mlg absolutely! We’re all learning something, and we all started somewhere! I find this XKCD comic is a great way to think about it…


Absolutely yes! As an architect, I spent a lot of time communicating with stakeholders about the requirements and learning customer insights. The key is to solve problems, not to use cool technologies. I’d love to hear voices from different perspectives in this community!


I love this comic, @glb. It is right on target: Sharing is so much fun! I’d love the opportunity to help those that are seeking to learn more, where I can help. Which, in turn, also always make me learn something new.


I love it! Everything about the post! So true. And being the person to show Mentos and Coke, just saying!

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