It's time for Hacktober Fest 2021!

It’s time for HactoberFest 2021!

Thanks to @raphabot I recently came accross HactoberFest. For those who aren’t familiar,
HacktoberFest, is a celebration of open source software run by DigitalOcean. During the entire month of October, open-source software enthusiasts, beginners, as well as the developer community are all invited to participate by contributing to open-source projects. After four contributions you will be awarded a free t-shirt ( or you can have a tree planted in your name and help make Hacktoberfest 2021 more carbon neutral). You can sign up at

Also, Skycrafter’s app Responder qualifies to be part of HacktoberFest. So anyone interested in a free t-shirt, come join us for a HactoberFest contribution :jack_o_lantern:!

I haven’t participated in HactoberFest before. Has anyone here participated in previous years?
What was your experience like? Do y’all have any projects you recommend taking a look at, and how did you go about finding new projects to contribute to?


Amazing! This is a great initiative @Danny_B!

In addition to HactoberFest awards (t-shirt or a tree), we would double down on that and send you a nice Skycrafters swag package.

And to triple down, I’ll personally buy you drinks next time I see you in person.

@Danny_B have you selected the projects you want to contribute to yet?

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Oh this is a great idea! Excited to start contributing =)


It just got interesting!!


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@Danny_B and those contributing for the first time, I know how scary it can be to contribute to an open source project for the first time.

There are some websites and projects that try to make the process easier, however. Take for instance. They list open source projects that tag issues as recommended for beginners, making it really easy to make your first contribution!

For instance, let’s take TypeScript. They are listed under the website and, if you go to their issues, you can filter it by good first issue. Actually, that might be the way I’ll start contributing myself.

How about you?


I submitted my first PR! o/

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