Jerms first technical cloud security article or using Transit Gateway and a "look-aside" inspection architecture


I’ve recently taken a big step out of my comfort zone and (after several iterations) written my first DevOps Resource Center article for Trend Micro. I know that we here at Skycrafters are vendor agnostic, but since I’ve written this article for Trend Micro it obviously shows a bit of favoritism towards Cloud One Network Security (but then again so do I).

This is kind of a big deal for me. I never considered writing this, but thanks to a little positive pressure from my team leader and @Tabs I powered through and I’m even working on my next one now. Check it out and let me know what I can do to improve, ya’ll!

Have a great week everyone!


This is so great, @Jerms!!! Thank you @Tabs for the pressure :slight_smile:

I love how well structured it is, well done!

When will we see a vendor-agnostic post by you posted here in Skycrafters? :heart:


Hey Jerms,
Good stuff! I’ll give the article a read and report back soon!

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That’s a good point. Since I’m getting help from our MKT and writing team I don’t have a vanilla version of the article. I’ll have to rewrite it without the TM flair and re-submit. I’ll try to do the same for the follow up articles I’m planning to write as well. Thanks for reminding me!

Great article for sure. Excited to see the “vanilla” flavored article :joy: