Linkedin Invites - accept or not accept

I’m curious how everyone feels about LinkedIn Invites. Typically I use LinkedIn mostly to keep up with former colleagues. I’ve got a few rules I go by when I get an invite. I’m not saying I’m wrong or right but would like to know what other people do or if my approach is wrong.

My rules:

  1. Don’t invite or accept invites from bosses. This is usually cause if I’m looking for a job, I don’t want to advertise it management. Not sure this one is accurate anymore.
  2. Don’t accept invites from recruiters. I usually don’t do this because in the past they have flooded my feed with job openings. Felt like they were just using me to get their job out to everyone.
  3. Don’t accept random people unless they include a message of some sort. I’m sure we all get invites from people we don’t know. If you include a message as to WHY I should accept you, then I’m more likely to accept but I usually reject totally random invites.
  4. Don’t accept invites from colleagues I don’t really know. I’ve gotten invites, today I got one as an example, of a person that works for my company but I’ve never worked with. Why are you sending me this? I probably got turned off on this because rumor had it that a former C level person at a company I worked for challenged his sales team to see who could get the highest number of followers and so those people just invited the whole company directory.

Am I right? Am I wrong?

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My rules are pretty similar, formed back when LinkedIn was very different. For me the entry bar has been “do I know this person well enough that if someone asked me for a reference I could say something relevant”. That’s probably limited my network significantly, but I’m probably not LinkedIn’s target market anyway.

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