Mapping your career success in the cloud

I hope you enjoyed our live webinar about mapping your career success in the cloud. If you weren’t able to watch it live, or you need a recap, you can watch the recording here:

This is a place to continue the discussion between the session. Go ahead and share your own ideas about resources and skills that will aid your own professional development, and ways you can prepare yourself to stand out for the future of cloud. I’d like to once more thank @madelinev, @marykay25, @tristan.lombard, and @rwsweeney!


I have been to so many webinars over the last year and a half with all the covid stuff. I enjoy going to learn but it can be so tasking sometimes to go as we all know the Zoom fatigue thing. Let me tell you, this webinar was so good!!! This has been probably my favorite webinar I have been to. @tristan.lombard , @marykay25 , @rwsweeney , @madelinev , and @raphabot did such a good job keeping you engaged. Such good content that you wanted to listen the whole time! That is big for me since I get distracted so easily. Thank you so much!


I think this is where we put our questions that didn’t get answered. I had two questions actually.

  1. You talk about making your work visible it sounds like that is what managers want to see whether it be in a current job making looking for a promotion, to show what you are doing, or even applying for another job. How do you do that exactly? How do you record the work you are doing in a meaningful way. I know showing your projects in Github is one way, but what if the project you are doing is dealing with sensitive information, then how do you record it? Also what if it isn’t code? Seems to be many ways to show your work in coding but maybe not other ways as much.
  2. I have tried blocking my time before like you all mentioned in the webinar, but it doesn’t seem to work for me. If I block an hour I use that hour just to get focused enough to start doing work. lol. I get distracted very easily and can have a really hard time focusing. What do you do to get focused? How do you get focused and set your brain to only work on that task you set in that block of time?
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Hey @Tabs ! I’m glad you enjoyed the webinar today! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

There are lots of ways to make work visible and everyone works differently, so take what you like from this.

On my team, we actually tag all of our tickets with different types of “flow” or work (Incident, Feature, Defect, Debt and Risk), inspired in part by Making Work Visible by Dominica DeGrandis. We also add labels for the service/component affected. Then we can track/graph how much time we spend on feature development, incident response, debt management etc. We can also see what the team is focusing on, our Work In Progress (WIP), if we’re spread too thin across services and even measure cognitive load! Personally, I really like this because it helps put a graph and words to the feelings (such as stress) my team may have and gives me data to back up decisions such as what to focus on next.

Our team also keeps a “Brag Doc” which we update each quarter with all of the awesome things we’ve accomplished over the last few months. I’ve found that updating it as a team lets us celebrate all of our accomplishments and is a great team builder. Keeping a personal Brag Doc is also a great idea!

As for blocking time - I also struggle with this! I tend to look at notifications as soon as they pop up, but using “do not disturb” settings in email/messaging apps really helps me. I like to schedule my meetings in the morning and leave my afternoons free, which helps to avoid full days of meetings and leaves me larger chunks of time to focus. Finding your groove in the hour between meetings is hard!

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These are all so great! Thanks for your answers! I have already added the visibility book to my audible library! Looking forward to it as I also like visuals such as graphs.