Microsoft Ignite 2021... did you tune in?

Microsoft held their annual Ignite conference last week where a range of topics were discussed and new products were introduced. I feel like Meta is the new buzzword in the tech community now :grinning:

Is there anything that caught your eye? New product announcements, features, etc?

One thing I’m interested in learning more about is “Industry Cloud” - this is Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits, Cloud for Financial Services, Cloud for Sustainability, etc. I think this is a truly nuanced and detailed look at how to structure cloud services based on your user.

What do you think? Would love to read what y’all have to say!


Ugh, I totally missed it!

I’ll read more about “industry cloud”, it seems like an interesting concept.

I think so too. Here’s a link where you can get an overview: Microsoft Industry Clouds

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Missed it too, but keen to learn about Azure Comm services…

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In terms of user friendliness Cloud technology still has room to be improved. So I can see why Microsoft is making this move. I have to admit I’m usually pretty skeptical of oversimplified solutions. But I appreciate their attempt with this model… it’s at least a new angle on how to simplify cloud technologies.