My first road bump: My journey on becoming an AWS certified cloud practitioner

Hi everybody :wave:

As the title suggests, the time has finally come where I hit my first road bump. I was expecting it to come earlier to be honest. I don’t think it’s a huge road bump per se, but it is something that is causing me a bit of frustration. Especially after doing what I think are some relevant self-checks.

Right now, I am getting familiar with using the command line and roles to interact with AWS. The command line part wasn’t too bad and there wasn’t really any issue there for me, where the trouble begins is when I try to use roles.

I am trying to create an S3 full admin access role to be used by EC2. The purpose of the role is to allow EC2 to use S3 as an admin. I created the role no problem, but I am having trouble attaching it to my EC2 instance that is currently running.

This is what I see when I get to that point. As you can see there is no option to attach/replace IAM role:

Some self-checks I’ve done:

• Made sure I’m in the correct AZ
• Made sure I’m signed in as the root user
• Double-checked to make sure my EC2 instance is running smoothly
• Double-checked to make sure my AZ is operating normally
• Verified that the role was set up to be used by EC2 and not any of the other options

Is there anything I’m missing? Am I overthinking it? Any feedback you could give would be very helpful, thank you!

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Look under the security section of the instance actions menu… full instructions here:

Thank you, Geoff! So I was overthinking it haha :man_facepalming:t6:

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