New logo and social updates!

Hello Skycrafters,

After a really tough competition between the 3 suggested logos, we have a winner! I can’t thank each one of you enough for being part of the process. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

Personally, It’s really exciting to me to see the community making its own decision on how we want to world to see us. This is our brand and identity, and will be stamped everywhere: From the top of this page, all the way up to stickers in our laptop (I also can’t wait to get my hands on our first branded swags!).

Did I mention it is also going to be stamped in our Social Media presence? Yes! We took the community logo as a great way to kick start our Social presence!

You can find us over Twitter at @skycraftersio

or over LinkedIn

and, of course, over GitHub.

As you might’ve notice, our GitHub is empty right now… I can’t wait to have @xabi share more about our plans for the GitHub presence!

Who’s following us everywhere already?? I know I am :slight_smile:


So exciting! Pumped to see what this community does!

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So I am, @bnwoods!! I see great things ahead of us! :heart_eyes:

Love the logo, and love how the community helped choose it. :metal:

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