Open-source tools that deserve better attention/exposure

Are there any open-source tools - code editors, CICD tools, cloud posture/security/resource management, etc - you are using on a day-to-day basis that you think should deserve more attention or exposure?

@xabi In my opinion, Apache Spark is one of those. At least, tools that facilitate integration between services that also minimize coding, specially using streaming patterns.

Thanks for your input @atirado.

I’m thinking about these smaller open-source projects, that have a few contributors but an extensive amount of usage.
I’ve personally used countless open source libraries or npm modules, and the amount of downloads per day has been my main metric when deciding on which library to use. However, I’m having some doubts, and now thinking that the number of contributors or the “freshness” of the latest release may be a better indicator of quality/maintainability.
What if an open-source project that has no (or little) contributor goes silent and is heavily embedded into a solution? How to avoid that?

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Freshness and activity on the repo are definitely good signs if you are just starting your project which I think are metrics on usability of the repo, i.e. If it doesn’t do exactly what I need it do I need to improve it myself or can I expect someone else to do it soon?. The tradeoff is when you need to work on old code where stable releases or even stale repos are actually a blessing because the software will keep running as you replatform it.

Downloads, given the lack of formal reviews that seems to pervade most repos, is definitely is measure for me as well! When was the last time you checked for a security badge or similar?

I also use reviews I can find on the web, i.e. When was it written? Who was using it? (position, role mostly). Is there any readable documentation describing what the code can do?