Reasons for cloud

Good reason to have a cloud strategy too:

Back in the days I was extensively using OVH, they were the obvious choice to host websites and applications in France. No one was talking about the cloud then, we were just using a hosting company.

Later on, OVH rebranded to OVH Cloud, it made me smile because I could see how Amazon’s cloud and OVH’s were different. One was about multi AZ, multi regions, scalability and reliability, cloud services (such as notifications services, file storage service, or queues) on top of virtual machines… The other’s main selling point was to be French (and European) and about selling dedicated servers and shared web hosting.

It looks like OVH has evolved a lot since then, but just looking at their website, they are heavily into selling lending servers. And in 2021, hearing the word “server” in a cloud world makes me feel uncomfortable, do you feel the same?

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I did some more research on them and they do seem to offer some cloud hosting, so I’ll revise my statement to say: “diversify your cloud”!


Ahah, good call @aaronans, in that case, what would be your (and anyone else) definition of cloud and cloud hosting?

Which isn’t as simple as we’d like, as you can see in this discussion.