Running commands python, python3, pip, pip3 why isn't it working?

Hello everyone! So I ran into this problem this week. I was trying to run a python script on my computer. I have python 3.8 already installed, to be able to run the script I was needing to run installed some stuff using pip3 command on Mingw64 (I normally use this instead of power shell since I have a windows computer and it runs Linux commands). The installs all worked. After that when I went to run the script using python3 command it didn’t work. So I ran just python and it still didn’t work. I closed out mingw64 and used power shell and python worked but python3 did not. So why is that? Why would pip3 work but python3 wouldn’t? I have python 3 installed so why would the python command work? Isn’t that for the python 2 version? Also, why would pip work on mingw64 but the python command wouldn’t? Last question, what is the difference between the python command and the pip command?

first thing that comes to mind is your environment variables. Is python3 is your path variable? Does it run if you use full path to python3?

As for mingw64 it ran python command when I went from the directory / to ~ so it was the path. Why would mingw64 start in a different path than power shell?

python 3 still didn’t work. Are you saying that python3 command might be in a different directory location than the python command?

That’s entirely possible that they are in different directories.