The Paid Side of Open-Source

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How to Make Money While Working on Open-Source Projects Full-Time

So, you want to work in open-source, but you don’t want to work for free? While open-source software is free, not all developers who work on a project are doing it in their free time.

Watch this discussion panel with industry leaders and members of the open-source community who have figured out the path for getting paid to work full-time on open-source projects.

Our panelists will give you an insider view of their day-to-day activities and exciting behind-the-scenes stories about a side of open-source that is rarely discussed. They’ll share advice for the top skills you need to help you stand out and other tips to boost your chances of getting a job.

Watch to learn

  • The best ways to stand out and be noticed by hiring managers
  • The additional benefits that come with being paid for contributing to open-source projects
  • How notable open-source developers landed jobs at leading open-source companies
  • Concrete action items to start your open-source job hunting journey

What a great discussion!

@jonobacon did a great job moderating the discussion with great panelists (@Danny_B, Taylor Davis, @secretmike, and @pgrzesik). I love the topics that were brought up from how to get started, how to become successful to how to manage regular work and contributions.

I wonder though, is there is a way for contributors to get paid for a discreet piece of work (as a contractor for instance) as opposed to looking for sponsors on GitHub or getting a full-time job?

Any ideas?


I bet @pgrzesik has insights on this…
Also, I just want to mention that @jonobacon you were an awesome moderator! I had a blast chatting with you guys. I look forward to our next chat. It was an absolute pleasure. :grinning:


Thanks so much! Much appreciated!


Thanks for invitation @xabi - it was a really cool experience and it was a pleasure to talk with you all.

As for the question that @xabi posted about getting paid for a discrete piece of work - I’m not sure how many opportunities for that type of work are available, but there definitely are some options! I remember that in the past I’ve scored a few bounties via website - I remember I was improving something in a Django web application that was open sourced and got some ETH as gratification for my work. To keep in mind - the website is mostly focused around crypto-space and most of the bounties are related to these type of projects.


Crypto to the rescue!!

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