Two more Skycrafters have been promoted to Master Crafter!

Roughly 2 weeks after having our first Skycrafter (@marykay25, I’m looking at you!) promoted to Master Crafter, I’m really excited to announce that two more just got promoted!

Members, please help me to congratulate both @felipecosta and @glb for their achievement!

Both of them are always present, adding a lot of value to our conversations, making great questions and comments. On top of that, both of them have had articles published on our main page! (which you can also do if you want to. Just reach out to me!).

Take a moment to celebrate their achievement!


I forgot to mention @felipecosta even created our first meme!


Congrats to you @marykay25, @felipecosta and @glb and thanks for your massive contribution! :clap: :clap: :clap: :champagne: