Updates & Congratulations to our Apprentice Crafters!

Hello Skycrafters,

Can you believe it’s been almost 2 weeks since we got together to kick off Skycrafters? I hope you’ve been enjoying it a much as I’ve been. I loved to hear your background over Introduce yourself - #14 by xabi (I’m activelly trying to find your record, @xabi!), what you’ve been learning recently over What do you want to learn? - #10 by ForkYoRepo (@ForkYoRepo, I really hope you don’t forget your friend whenever your bot makes you millions!) or even the interesting discussion about if the cloud future belongs to Microsoft over The future is Microsoft? - #11 by marykay25 as asked by @marykay25 .

Since then we updated a few things over here. Now we have a jobs board area, including an opening to work right at Skycrafters, writing open-source code for aliving! Pretty cool, right?

Something else is that we just updated the forum to reflect everyone’s participation level. Now you are going to see something called Member Level, assigned to each one of us here in Skycrafters. There are different titles to collect and everyone starts as a new member. But, since this title is directly related to how much each one participate in the community, we hope to see most of you evolving over time!

If you are curious about it, this is the nomeclature for each level:
New Member > Apprentice Crafter > Master Crafter > Grandmaster Crafter > Legendary Crafter

And it’s a pleasure to inform that we are already celebrating our first group of Apprentice Crafters! In username alphabetical order, they are:


Congratualations! :tada: :champagne: :confetti_ball: :clinking_glasses: :fireworks:

Check your email for a nice surprise :slight_smile:

And we feel like we are ready to start bringing more Skycrafters in, so tomorrow we are going to have another session with possible new members that are going to join us soon! :partying_face:

How do you feel about these updates?


Thank you for the email letting us know all that is going on and for the very generous and nice surprise! It feels great to be an Apprentice Crafter.



Open the gates!

Really looking forwards to seeing the community grow! Let’s see how many I can bring in :grinning:

(Loved the e-mail, by the way)


Oh wow! what a surprise! Thank you and I’m excited to see the community grows and how we could make an impact!


No need to thank us. We thank you for all the support and eagerness to participate and build a community together!


Great updates! Looking forward to being more involved in this budding community and meeting new people in the process!

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