We added a discord integration to Responder!

Hey everybody!

We just added discord functionality to Responder!


If you aren’t familiar with responder…

Responder is an open-source project that is being led by some Skycrafters members. Its purpose is to listen to events as they occur on your cloud platform (AWS, Azure etc.) and then provide a simple way to respond to these events. My words don’t do it enough justice, so check it for yourself on github.

Discord feature back story

Until a couple years ago, I had never used Discord. I heard about it, so I knew it was a free voice, video, and text chat app many people use to talk/hang out with their communities and friends. But at that point, I had no reason to use it.

Eventually a friend at work convinced me to use Discord when we were working on a project together, and I quickly realized that I preferred Discord’s interface/features over Slack’s (which is what I was using previously). Fast forward to now, I use Discord all the time.

Responder already had the ability to send messages to slack and email, but I use discord so much, I decided to integrate discord into responder.

How it works

The discord and slack integrations are very similar. They both send custom or templated messages as different events are detected on AWS. Another cool thing that Responder does is addressing these events by remediating them!

Hope you enjoyed this brief write up. Head over to our github and take Responder for a spin yourself!