What Podcasts have you been listening to?

I’ve been trying to fill my “boring/repetitive labor” times, like mowing the lawn, with podcast instead of music, in the hope to learn a bit in the process.

My recommended list is:

  • Screaming in the Cloud, by Corey Quinn
  • The Idealcast with Gene Kim
  • Talking Serverless, by Ryan Jones
  • The New Stack Makers, by The New Stack
  • Mik + One, by Dr. Mik Kersten

Outside of the technical scope, I’ve been trying to learn more about communities, so I am always listening to Masters of Community with David Spinks and waiting for @jonobacon to release new episodes in Conversations with Bacon (such a cool last name!)

Do you have any recommendations for me?

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B2B Category Creators with Gil Allouche
the Girls In Tech podcast (I am on the board, amazing organization)


I’m listening to a lot of non-fiction summaries on Blinkist. Love the format as it gives me a quick overview of the book so I can decide if I want to take the time to read the book in full. More often than not the Blinkist summary is all I need. Last one I listened to was a review of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. I’ve read it but was nice to have a reminder of the basics.


Hey! Nice topic :slight_smile:

While I clean my house I like to listen podcast for me better then turn the tv and listen something.

My list:

  • Cloud Security Podcast (english)
  • Braincast (pt-br)
  • Kubicast (pt-br)
  • Caixa Preta (pt-br)

OK, a little self promotion here, but I do a podcast with some friends called Bad Voltage. We talk about tech.

In this show we dug into AI and how well it works today:

This show we played a game to banish things we don’t like from the world (including cats):

Check it out. :slight_smile:

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Spotify updated!

Thank you @SanjayM, @jay_armstrong, @taleco and @jonobacon!

Well, maybe I shouldn’t thank @jonobacon since I mentioned I’m waiting for him to release a new episode of Conversations with Bacon and he simply ignored it :slight_smile:

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“Security Now”

My all-time favorite
with Steve Gibson (Steve Gibson | The Host of Security Now on TWiT)
and Leo Laporte (Leo Laporte | Founder & Owner of the TWiT Podcast Network | TWiT)

I used to listen to it while commuting or flying
I guess I’ll have a lot to catch up soon


Great suggestion, @beele ! Updating my Spotify once again :slight_smile:

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