What type of cloud practitioner are you?

Hi skycrafters, we got a fun little thing for y’all to enjoy :smirk:

Most of y’all are probably familiar with those fun Buzzfeed quizzes, that based on your answers would tell you which character you are from How I Met Your Mother (I’m a Marshall, by the way :rofl:).

We decided to make some of our own that works in the same way. This one, like the title says, tells you the type of cloud practitioner you are.

After you take the quiz and find out your results, share them with your colleagues and network so they can see for themselves too!

I’m a Learner, by the way. What are you?


it must be rigged. :wink: I got Learner too.

And I disagree with this about myself. It said "You have no shame in admitting what you don’t know. " It doesn’t know me at all. :crazy_face:


I know you enough to know that you know what you know and you are fine letting people know what you don’t :wink:

I’m curious to see if other people also think this quiz is rigged!

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I got “The Creative” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Also “ You tend to look at goals from a blank canvas point of view and enjoy mapping your own way to achieve it.” is very accurate


This little game is surprisingly accurate… I got “the passionate one” :smiley:


I’m curious to hear if any of you shared this quiz with your friends and how did it go with them!

I also got the Learner and I felt like the description was pretty accurate. I do plan on sharing the quiz :joy:


Share and let us know if your peers think the quiz got it correctly!