What you wish you could teach yourself career wise 5 years ago?

I’m surprised on how much I learned in the past few years. And I’m not talking about new technologies, languages or frameworks. This was always expect. We all know IT moves fast. I’m impressed on how much I learned about career. I learned that it doesn’t take better coding to be a better code, necessarily.

If I could go back 5 years, I would teach myself that the leadership and self improvement books in the opposite side of the store from the tech books are equally important, if not more.

How abou you? What you wish you could teach yourself career wise 5 years ago?

This is a tough one. When thinking about this, a few technologies came to mind BUT what I realized is the real issue is that I wouldn’t have the opportunity in my current position to USE them so odds are, I wouldn’t retain the knowledge. For example, I almost said something about coding. I wish I had more ability in that area. At one point, I did take some classes so I did do it once (granted it was Perl so not sure that counts today). But I don’t have much opportunity to code so I could study all I want but without repetition, I lose things.

But if I had to list some things out, I’d say I wish I had in-depth Kubernetes and container knowledge. Coding. Maybe some public speaking.

Oh, and on a personal note, bitcoin mining.


I have a degree in electronics, not informatics. Back in the days, (and that’s the 80’s) hardware was booming, software was more of a side note. Today every company is a software company. If I could do it over, I should have chosen for Informatics.

That said, more important than the right choice for study is the attitude towards learning new things. It is my firm believe that "The day you stop learning is the day you begin growing old". And I am grateful that my parents thought me the this "ask why, then ask why and finally ask why again". almost like children do