Where do you find inspiration?

So often I see people that do cool things with tech and I’m so jealous. Part of my issue is that I’ve moved to management and I’m not as hands on anymore as I’d like to be. I’m also not a coder, I’m a former sysadmin tinker type that loves troubleshooting and digging into things. So like I’m in heaven if someone asks me to deploy an open source package and make it work or if you have some use case I’m trying to monkey with tech to make it fit.

I really need to do something more techie soon or I’m gonna lose brain cells. So how do you come up with these cool projects to work on?


If you are trying to code more, you might find First Timers Only really helpful, as it aggregates open source projects that are looking for help, but also with easy to start issues to solve.

Something else you might want to do, if you are not looking for coding, but more of a deploy and tinkering kind of project, is to automate your home. I’ve been using a Home Assistant, an open-source project, to run my home automation on top of a Raspberry Pi.

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I personally find inspiration in looking for trouble at problems around me.

For instance, it could be by finding something broken, inefficient, or painful to deal with and looking at what technology, tool, or process could be applied to make it better. And if none exists, start coding, start small and solve the simplest problem first and climb up the complexity ladder.

I also counterintuitively find myself being more creative when restricted. That restriction can come from the tech, the tools, the environment and to be honest, most of the time, knowledge. Because that’s when I have to think outside the box that true inspiring ideas often come.

I’d have to agree with @xabi. I tend to find inspiration from painful processes and start to wonder why that’s the way it is and if there’s anything I can do to make it better for the next person. It’s led to some really interesting projects for me!