Wrapping up: My journey on becoming an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Hi everybody :wave:

I’m finishing up my training before I take my certification exam and man has it been fun! Learning this new technology and new terminology has been eye-opening. We’ve all heard of AWS but actually being able to say I know how to do some things in AWS is a really good feeling.

Some of the things I’ve learned about during my training is:

  • Creating a website on S3

  • Launching an EC2 instance

  • Provisioning and RDS instance

  • Autoscaling

  • Elastic Beanstalk… and much more!

My next step is to do a few practice exams and brush up on everything I learned before I schedule the actual certification exam. If anybody who has taken the exam has any study tips, things to look out for, motivation/words of wisdom, please let me know.

Talk to y’all later!


Great stuff, @amiller!

First advice: Make sure you won’t have any surprises at the end of the month in your credit card bill.

With that out of your way, AWS also offers its own free training for the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam, which you can find here. It might be helpful to check it out, especially for those areas that you are not 100% confident yet.

Third advice: AWS offers a paid practice exam that you might want to try. You can find it here.

Good luck on your exam!

Awesome feedback, thanks for the resources @raphabot :grinning: