You are not the technology

For those of us that read the “Last Week in AWS”, did anyone else feel a little sad to read this week’s article?

" I posit that you’re not the technology you work on . Letting it become a cornerstone of your identity leads to all manner of negative outcomes.

There are still to this day people who are Perl experts, Solaris admins, AIX engineers, and more. They’re just significantly less broadly employable than they were a decade ago."

Personally, I morn that I’m not longer the go to Solaris admin and my Linux guru title is mostly obsolete now. I totally get that it’s limiting to be tied to a technology but it does make me feel a bit lost.


I get it, @marykay25.

I ran Docker in production when k8s was still in alpha. I used to work in a role that the cool kids today would call DevOps engineer. I’m just one in the middle of millions now. And my time as a Sales Engineer, without getting my hands dirt with production problems, made me less DevOps than the cool kids.

But, without realizing it, I guess I’ve been doing exactly this, trying to detach me from the technology. We for sure are not it.